How long does the promotion go for?

The promotion commences 12.01am (AEDT) on 06/01/2021 to 11.59pm (AEDT) on 26/01/2021.

How do I enter and what products can I enter with?

To enter, you must, during the Competition Period:

  • Make a Qualifying Purchase from a Foodland Supermarkets, IGA, Supa IGA, IGA X-Xpress, Drakes, Foodworks, Supa Valu, Campbell's, Romeo's or Friendly Grocers(excluding online) which are stocking Qualifying Purchase products (Stores) in Australia and collect your itemised purchase receipt; and
  • Visit the Website, locate the entry page and fill out and submit the online entry form, including by uploading an image of the Qualifying Purchase receipt, and providing all other requested information to see if you have provisionally won a prize.

Your purchase receipt must clearly identify where the Qualifying Purchase was made, the product/s purchased (which must be/comprise a Qualifying Purchase) and the date of purchase (which must be during the Competition Period before you submitted your entry).

Should I keep my receipt/s and product packaging?

You must keep your receipt, failure to provide a valid receipt if asked for by the promoter may be result in forfeit of the prize and winner status. You do not need to keep your products packaging.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter multiple times, provided you only enter once per Qualifying Purchase and per receipt. Each entry must be submitted separately in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Where are the terms and conditions?

You can find these here, or in the menu where it reads: 'Terms & Conditions'.

How will I know if I have won?

You will be notified immediately after you submit your entry whether you are a provisional winner or not. If you are a provisional or confirmed winner, you will also be notified via email.

Can I win more than once?

Yes, but the receipt cannot have been previously used for entering.

What is the prize? 

The prize is $100 Mobile Pay Pre-Paid Digital Mastercard® . Mobile Pay is the digital delivery of a pre-paid Mastercard® . You can download the Mastercard® to your Apple or Google mobile wallet and make purchases in-store using the mobile’s “tap and go” functionality. You can also use the card details to purchase online. 

I am a valid winner! How do I activate my $100 Mobile Pay Pre-Paid Digital Mastercard®? 

  1. You'll have received an SMS from Mobile Pay with an activation link. 
  2. Click the link in the text message and you'll be directed to your device's app store to install the Mobile Pay app. (Or if you’ve previously installed the Mobile Pay app, click the link, select Mobile Pay if prompted, and go to step 4.) 
  3. Click the option to install and then open the Mobile Pay app. 
  4. Your mobile number and activation code will be automatically entered into the Mobile Pay app. You may be asked for additional information to confirm your identity. 
  5. Choose a password when prompted. You'll use this password, with your mobile number as your username, when logging on to the app in future. Also enter your date of birth when prompted. You’ll be asked for this in future to confirm your identity if you forget your password or if you want to set a PIN on your card. 
  6. When prompted, read and accept the Mobile Pay Terms & Conditions. 
  7. You'll then see your Mobile Pay card in the app, and you're ready to add it to your device wallet for in-store purchases (see here for FAQ "How do I add my Mobile Pay card to my device wallet?") or to make online purchases (see here for FAQ "How do I use my Mobile Pay card for online purchases?")  You have a set period (included in the winning SMS message) for when you must activate your code by. Your $100 Mobile Pay Pre-Paid Digital Mastercard ® expires 12 months after activation. 

I am having trouble submitting my entry, what can I do? 

Check that all the mandatory information is filled out and that your receipt is in the correct format. If you are still having issues, try a different browser otherwise you can contact us here

What is Captcha?

This is just a security measure intended to distinguish a human from machine input, we use it to make sure all entrants are genuine and not spam, automated or set up to enter multiple times.

Is there anyone I can contact about the promotion for any more questions?

You can visit the contact us page located here to ask any further questions you may have regarding this promotion.